We Help Solo Equine Veterinarians Simplify Medical Records and Billing…. Fast and Easy!

Solo equine veterinarians need a simple software to create medical records and invoices.
You asked. We listened.

  • Cassadol solves simple issues of quick and easy medical records combined with easy invoicing.
  • It is designed for quick onboarding of existing users/patients/trainers/billing.
  • It will have you set up and entering your first information in under 20 minutes.
  • It costs $39 per month per user.
  • Its overall simplicity will make you smile!

Most software is not set up for solo equine practice! WE HEAR YOU!

We make simple software solutions for solo equine veterinarians

We understand:

  • The importance of recording complete and meaningful medical records.
  • You are a veterinary professional, not a software expert.
  • Evenings are meant to spend with family and friends, not invoicing clients.
  • Vet school is expensive. So are student loans. Your software doesn’t have to be.
  • Less clicks = more proficiency. 

Cassadol delivers on what YOU want.

What we’re all about:

We have worked with thousands of veterinarians and staff with our group of software programs. We have had many requests for a simple software program for the solo equine vet. This is where Cassadol started, and it will always be for the solo practitioner. We have other practice management software for 2+ vets and larger practices, called HVMS, that have more complicated issues. HVMS runs many of the largest equine practices in the world. We know what it takes to develop, implement, and support software… It is all we do.

What other features are in Cassadol?

  • Management of Contacts/Patients/Trainers/Locations
  • Multiple Owner Management
  • Patient Contact Relationship System
  • Invoicing w/Split and Rapid Billing
  • Medical Records w/rich text formatting and file attachments
  • Contact Records w/rich text formatting and file attachments
  • Financial Ledger for Contacts
  • “Doctors Office” – Centralized Place for all day to day work
  • Global Search
  • Controlled Drug Tracking
  • Vaccine Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing