Cut the Fluff – Net Promoter Scores – The ACTUAL Truth on Customer Satisfaction


One of the key metrics we use at Cassadol is to track customer satisfaction is Net Promoter Score, essentially it “measures customer experience and predicts business growth”.  We use this tool, embedded within Cassadol, to randomly ask customers how satisfied they are with Cassadol so we can address issues and confirm we are delivering the […]

Don’t Work More Until You Are Working More Efficiently

Equine Veterinarian using Cassadol Equine Software with ease

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some appear (key phrase) to be doing better. The list of things to get done never seems to get shorter, and as we grow the business, there are even more tasks that require our attention. Sometimes we choose to be busy but not work […]

The WHO, WHAT, WHY , WHERE and WHEN of Cassadol

Create ease to use and easy to onboard new customers on the software

We have been developing equine software for 15 years and we have been very fortunate to have long term, outstanding customers.  Many of our customers are of the larger variety in number of equine vets and we have long been asked why we have not developed a software for the solo and small practitioner.  There […]