Industry links for the equine vet

At Cassadol, we support and engage with many organizations globally,
here are a few that we are proud to support

AAEP’s mision is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.

Comprehensive, reliable laboratory diagnostics for equine practitioners – and connects directly with Cassadol to remove bottlenecks in workflow and improve horse health.

The leading equine practice management software provider globally, Business Infusions has a broad suite of best in class software to improve equine health for veterinary practices.

Integrated credit card payments improve workflow, allow equine vets to collect payments faster and provide secure, cloud based PCI compliant payment solutions.  

Improving equine welfare – EMR simplifies compliance to equine welfare and anti-doping regulations with Regulator-Approved Digital Medicines Registers, all in the cloud.

EN provides the equine community with best-in-class competitions, content, products and services that deepen their love for horses and horse sports.

HVMS is the leading equine software designed for larger, more compliacted equine veterinary practices with full functionality for reporting, inventory, hosptial and ambulatory practices.

Idexx IVLS and VetConnect provide the equine practitioner the ability to order labs directly from within Cassadol.   Once results are available, results are pushed back in to Cassadol.

Electronic vet provides vaccination record storage on the cloud.  All records must be verified by a licensed veterinarian and are available 24/7on the secure platform.


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