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Equine Veterinarian caring for Solo Equine

We have been developing equine software for 15 years and we have been very fortunate to have long term, outstanding customers.  Many of our customers are of the larger variety in number of equine vets and we have long been asked why we have not developed a software for the solo and small practitioner.  There were a myriad of reason for this, but we have not built and rolled out Cassadol, equine software for the solo practitioner and small equine practice.   

When made the decision to commit to this market for then next ten plus years. It was a decision made on the fact that we want to provide a great customer experience for our customers from graduation to retirement by offering value based, feature rich software that solves the problems equine veterinarians have.  

“We thrive to be considered a partner in their business, not a service provider they do not enjoy working with.”

Cassadol's three basic tenants that lead to development

Cassadol had three basic tenants that led development: 

  1. – Create ease to use and easy to onboard new customers on the software 
  2. – Create easy to use medical records and invoicing 
  3. – Create software that was inexpensive and charged based on need rather than ‘all in or nothing’ 

In order to meet our mandate, we reached out to our international contacts about the best software stack to use and the best development methodologies to enable scale, feature add-ons and usability on a global scale.  


We were fortunate to connect with Marvin from Germany that assisted us with selecting the right tech stack and methodologies that have set us up to meet our mandate. After several months and a tremendous amount of forward thinking, we landed on our initial approach to building the software.   

Next step was to engage with a development group to get us started and to set the course of the next 10 year project.  With the assistance of Marvin, we found another German company that has a very solid track record of development with large multi nationals and we started the development journey.  A short five months and close to seven figures later, we were well on our way to market launch. 

We were very fortunate to have 25 initial equine vets that wanted to work with us and provide feedback and we ‘soft-launched’ in December 2020.  The rest is history, as the saying goes.   

The best is yet to come….     

  • WHO – Solo equine veterinarians and small equine practices 
  • WHAT – Equine practice management software with easy sign up, onboarding, medical records and invoicing  
  • WHY – the solo equine practitioner has been ignored  
  • WHERE – Cloud based – available 24/7 globally 
  • WHEN– live and running (add link to sign up) 




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