Cassadol equine veterinary software is a cloud based equine practice management system that enables access to medical records and invoicing, even when off line at a farm call. Made for equine veterinary practices, Cassadol is affordable and accessible, any where, any time!
Designed for the small equine veterinary practice, we considered all the main features needed for the ambulatory vet. Invoicing, medical records, access to records with no internet or cell service, controlled drug logs, client communications, lab integrations and the list goes on. Cassadol also has a base pricing model of $59/month and then vets pay for add-on's only as needed.

Click below for a video overview of Cassadol practice management software.

Wellness and Rapid Billing Case

Lameness Case

Repro and Race Track Case

Off line Mode

Cassadol is available off line when no internet, WiFi or cellular hotspot is available.  No need to sync or replicate after the fact – you can go in and out of service and Cassadol will take care of storing and updating information once a connection is established.

Cassadol Equine Offline Feature 1

Integrated Payments

Accepting credit cards payments at time of service, or storing cards in a secure way for processing later, is a sure way to increase cash flow. It has been proven to be one of the single most important ways to improve financial health of a veterinary practice.  Cassadol does all the heavy lifting for you, sign up is simple and the benefits are immediate as funds are deposited within one to two business days of posting.  


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