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Cassadol Equine Software: Who We Are

Cassadol equine software is more than just a software provider; we are problem solvers dedicated to improving workflow, increasing operational productivity, and enabling the growth and resilience of small equine veterinary practices. With a foundation built on innovation, commitment, and a comprehensive understanding of equine veterinary needs, as Cassadol equine software, we aim to elevate practice management standards. Our customers benefit from our dedication, allowing them to concentrate on their primary mission: delivering outstanding care to horses.

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Cassadol Equine Software

We Understand:

  • The importance of recording complete and meaningful medical records.
  • You are a veterinary professional, not a software expert.
  • Evenings are meant to be spent with family and friends, not invoicing clients.
  • Vet school is expensive. So are student loans. Your software doesn’t have to be.
  • Your rural practice area may not have cellular or WiFi service.


In Practice:

  • More demands by clients
  • More time constraints
  • More technology connectivity
  • Veterinarian shortages
  • Corporate amalgamation
  • Demographic working expectations

Out of Practice:

  • Work-life balance
  • Mental health awareness
  • Burn out
  • Student debt
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Cassadol Equine Software

The Old Way

  • Paper-based
  • QuickBooks for medical records
  • Small animal software
  • No remote access to medical records
  • Connectivity challenges
  • Expensive software

The New Way

  • One system of record
  • Available anytime/anywhere
  • Works with no internet/WiFi/Cell coverage
  • Connected to workflow tools
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Always have the latest version
  • Fully secure on Amazon cloud
  • Better controlled drug logs
  • Enabled by new and emerging tech (AI)
  • Export medical records for referring veterinarians
  • Voice Dictation

Cassadol Equine Software


  • After-hours administrative time
  • Accounts receivable and collection
  • Cash flow delays
  • Time pressure of practice and business
  • Practice management software that has too many features
    you don’t want/need but are expected to pay for
  • Small teams and a lack of people resources

We have seen these constraints for 17 years and this is why created Cassadol Equine Software Cassadol Equine Software

The Solo Practitioner’s Strategy

Document Excellent Medical Records

Systematize Processes and Procedures

Reduce Additional Administrative Time

Reducing After-Hours Billing Time

Create a Stronger Financial Position

Create Long Term Value
in the Practice


Cassadol Equine Software

Clear ROI on Software – Many Ways to Recapture The $59/Month User Fee

  • Capture one extra invoice
  • Capture one extra payment at the time of service
  • Capture one extra lab service invoice

Pay As You Go Add-On’s

  • Offline mode – no internet, no problem
  • Idexx & Antech labs
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • HISA Integration
  • AI Driven Medical Records

Self-Serve Setup and Workflow

  • Work on your schedule, after hours and weekends
  • Start from nothing and have invoices out within 30 minutes


Cassadol Equine Software

Cassadol Equine Software

Cassadol Equine Software solutions

Cassadol Equine Software solutions

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Here’s What People Say About Cassadol…

"Customer service has been very timely, informative and responsive to our needs. The reporting aspects provide a broad range of information to audit business activity. 100% satisfied."

Bonnie ThalerMetamora Equine

"Cassadol has been instrumental in organizing client and patient data, making and sending invoices, applying payments, and most importantly, medical-record keeping!"

AndreaSotela, DVMCavallo Veterinary Services

"Cassadol is very user friendly. We were able to learn how to use it the very first day. It is highly intuitive and easy to customize for your own pricing and services. We are happliy using it in our clinic."

Cassie CarolCutting Edge Equine

Cassadol is a cloud based system so I have no fear of losing histories of patients or invoices of clients. I have found this program superior in every respect to those I have used in the past.

John Atack DVMBellevue Equine Clinic

The Cassadol program makes my life so much easier than before - Excellent customer service and best value ever!

Bonnie ThalerMetamora Equine

Follow The Leader

We’re leading the way in digital practice management software for the equine vet.

Follow us as we continue to change how equine vets works.

Here’s How To Get Started:


  • Call or email to set up a demo
  • Let’s get to know your needs


  • Sign up
  • Enter Medical Records in under 10 minutes

Get Results

  • Generate Reports and Set up Integrations
  • Easily send invoices and collect money

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cassadol Equine Software for?

Cassadol Equine Software was built specifically for one and two-vet equine practices. It has everything that is needed for medical records and invoicing for the small equine practice.

How much does Cassadol Equine Software cost?

Cassadol costs $59/month per user and this includes everything required for medical records and invoicing. There are add-on features that are optional for offline functionality, lab integration and others being developed but these are not required.

Is Cassadol cloud-based software?

Yes, Cassadol equine software is a cloud-based software program run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data is stored on AWS and is secure and backed up.

What does Cassadol equine software do?

Medical records, billing/invoicing, controlled drug logs, basic practice metrics, and reporting. It is meant to be all-inclusive but does not do everything a full-scale practice management software program does.

What does Cassadol NOT do?

Cassadol equine software does not offer inventory management (except for controlled drug logs) and does not have a calendar function.

Can I use Cassadol equine software without an internet connection?

Yes, offline mode is required and this cost is $39/month per user.

Can my current data be converted to Cassadol?

Most likely, yes. Not every software program offers a way to export data but once you provide us with a backup copy of the data, we will make our best efforts to convert data into Cassadol equine software. There is a one-time $999 fee for this service.

Cassadol Equine Software solutions