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"Customer service has been very timely, informative and responsive to our needs. The reporting aspects provide a broad range of information to audit business activity. 100% satisfied."

Bonnie ThalerMetamora Equine

"Cassadol has been instrumental in organizing client and patient data, making and sending invoices, applying payments, and most importantly, medical-record keeping!"

AndreaSotela, DVMCavallo Veterinary Services

"Cassadol is very user friendly. We were able to learn how to use it the very first day. It is highly intuitive and easy to customize for your own pricing and services. We are happliy using it in our clinic."

Cassie CarolCutting Edge Equine

"Cassadol is a cloud based system so I have no fear of losing histories of patients or invoices of clients. I have found this program superior in every respect to those I have used in the past."

John Atack DVMBellevue Equine Clinic

The Cassadol program makes my life so much easier than before - Excellent customer service and best value ever!

Bonnie ThalerMetamora Equine

"Cassadol has been a great product to work with. I am a solo practitioner/equine surgeon in Texas. Cassadol has been incredible with technical support. They have addressed every question in a timely manner. I am overall very pleased with Cassadol and would recommend this product to anyone."

Alyssa Doering, DVMCutting Edge Equine

"Cassadol record keeping is amazing and easy to use. Keeping track of day to day activities for an equine mobile practitioner is very intuitive and simple for those of us who are a little technologically challenged."

John Atack DVMBelleview Equine Clinic

"The credit card portion of the program is great as we can get paid more quickly for our work. Overall it's an extremely well thought our program and getting better all the time."

Anonymous DVMOhio