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The Top 10 Gifts for Equine Veterinarians & Equine Vet Techs 2023 That They Will Actually Use

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we have compiled this list of the top 10 items that your equine veterinarian and/or equine vet tech will love and use.

Equine professionals often work in demanding environments. Inclement weather, on the road, lunches on the go, mud (or something else) on their shoes, specimen samples in their cup holders or in their pockets – this is the life of an equine vet! They get cold, wet, dirty and are often overworked and tired. When considering a token of your appreciation, keep these things in mind.

Another thing to note, equine veterinarians, equine vet techs and staff members love and serve their local communities and their communities love them. Whenever possible, buying local is always preferred!

  1. Consider Gift Cards for coffee, tea, or food that they can use on the go. Buy gift cards to favorite local spots that are close to the clinic.
  2. Fingerless Gloves. Here are some of our favorites. Heat Holders They provide warmth while allowing the wearer to still perform necessary tasks. (Heat Holders They have warm hats and socks too!)
  3. Travel Mugs. Here is a link to the 17 best travel mugs of 2023, tested and reviewed. Top-rated travel mugs.
  4. Scrub Tops. Veterinarians can never have enough scrub tops! Having a spare in their office or truck can come in quite handy. Working with horses can be unpredictable and necessitate frequent scrub changes throughout the course of a single day. I have heard interns’ ooh and ahh over these. Figs FREEx™ “No liquids. No fur. No stress.”
  5. Penlights. While this recommendation may puzzle you, penlights are essential! When a vet needs one, they need one and quite often they are missing in action. Here is a link to the 76600 Welch Allyn Halogen Penlight.
  6. Multi-Tool. Gerber Armbar Scout Multi-Tool. If this list were arranged in order of usefulness, this could easily rank #1.
  7. Just for fun! You can never go wrong with a Horse Veterinary Themed T-shirt or Sweatshirt! Etsy has a great selection.
  8. Food. There is never enough time to sit down and dine in an equine clinic. All staff members benefit and appreciate a catered food delivery consisting of food that they can grab from the break room between patients. To best accommodate the practice, always call ahead and ask the practice manager what day would be best. This helps to make sure that no one else is providing food that day and that the majority of staff will be present.
  9. Gift Baskets. Great items to include in gift baskets include hand sanitizer, wet wipes, a themed coffee mug, lip balm, tea bags, drink mixes, and individually wrapped snacks.

Finally, and most importantly, #10. Your appreciation does not have to come in the form of “gift.” Just being a great client goes a long way. Consider writing a handwritten note or leaving a positive review for your favorite equine veterinarian or practice. They will love you for it.

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By Cynthia Bain

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